Once you are  verified creator we give you some tips to get more visibility on the platform.

1) We advise to share on socials your Fanrhythm’s link. More social network platform you have more visibility you will have. Note that around 2% of your total followers on socials will subscribe to your exclusive content platforms. Reason why it’s really important to setup correctly your account first.


2) Once your account is verified by our teams, we advise to add many contents on your profile : avatar, cover, pictures and videos in public category (on the Fanrhythm’s wall), pictures and videos in library (available for subscribers), pictures and videos in Meia On Demand category (will be available for subscribers that pay for it on top of subscription)

3) Add your video presentation on your profile (up to 3  public videos). These videos will be available for all users of the platform directly and automatically updated in the platform’s feed. It’s a very good way for you to be showed to all Fanrhythm’s users. Some creators give some inputs of what users can find by subscribing to their profiles. Just be imaginative…


4) Don’t forget to add some public contents. In this way users can also have a quick view of the type of contents you will post on your Fanrhythm’s profile. No nude contents are allowed. Be creative to get the most visibility and attract users of the platform on your profile.

5) Once you add minimum 5 posts on your profile, your account will be promoted to Explore tab in « people » category. It’s also very for you to be promoted on this category because users can see your account. All creators on Fanrhythm can get their chances to get visibility and subscribers