Thanks to the Fanrhythm platform, you can now get closer to your favorite influencers, content creators and web stars. This innovative, secure tool facilitates exchanges between creators, their fans and brands wishing to collaborate with them. Let’s take a look at the main features of this platform, and the benefits for each user.

An easy-to-use tool for all devices

To make your experience on Fanrhythm as pleasant and user-friendly as possible, the tool has been designed to be easily usable on all types of devices -smartphones, tablets, computers- and via different browsers such as Explorer, Chrome, etc. Even if the application works correctly on various browsers, it is recommended to use Chrome to avoid any OS-related bugs or problems.

Several account types are available to suit your needs

Whether you’re a fan looking to follow your favorite creators/influencers, or a content creator looking for an effective way to connect with your community, Fanrhythm has a solution to suit your needs:

Fan account: This type of free account allows you to follow the creators/influencers you like, either for free or as a subscriber. You have access to their posts, photos and videos, depending on the level of subscription you choose, and you can also request exclusive content or chat with them via messaging.

Creator account: To create this account, it must be validated and certified. It offers features specially designed to facilitate the communication and distribution of your content to your community of fans.

Agency account: Promote your creator-influencers and earn income via your Agency account link. Thanks to affiliation, you can earn a percentage of every sale made on the platform (subscriptions, content, content sales) and for every influencer who registers with your affiliation code. Affiliation in no way changes the percentage that an influencer earns on the platform; Fanrhythm will take less commission in this case. This is done so that there are as many content creators as possible on the Fanrhythm platform, nothing more 😊

Exclusive social network

How a Fan Account works in detail

With a fan account on Fanrhythm, you’ll be able to:

1. Follow news and updates from your favorite influencers through their posts, photos and videos.

2. Choose the subscription level that suits you best to access more content or enjoy exclusive benefits.

3. Request exclusive content from your favorite influencers or ask them to meet you, for example.

4. Communicate directly with the creators you follow via the platform’s secure messaging system.

The benefits of a Creator Account

As a content creator and/or influencer, here are just some of the benefits you can enjoy with a creator account on Fanrhythm:

1. You have a single, secure platform for sharing your content with your community of fans, and for discovering new content.

2. Thanks to the various features offered by the account, you’ll be able to federate a wider audience around your universe and interests.

3. Your certified profile assures your community and partner brands that you are the author of the content you publish.

4. Fanrhythm facilitates collaborations between influencers and interested brands, which can be particularly interesting in terms of monetization and professional opportunities.

Why choose Fanrhythm?

The Fanrhythm platform also stands out for its willingness to adapt and evolve constantly to better meet the needs and expectations of its users. With this solution, you’re guaranteed to work with a tool that’s always at the cutting edge and regularly updated in line with technological trends and advances.

Last but not least, Fanrhythm attaches great importance to the security and confidentiality of information shared between users. The platform complies with current standards and implements effective protection measures to preserve the integrity of your data and the quality of your online experience.
So don’t wait any longer, whether you’re a fan or a content creator, join Fanrhythm now and take full advantage of all the opportunities offered by this innovative platform!